This is inform the members of the Press that Abubabar Adamu Isah has won the 2016 edition of the WTF World Taekwondo President’s Cup held in Portland, USA from 27th – 30th October, 2016. The tournament was tagged G2 and carries 20 points. Prior to this, Isah fought in the finals of the 9th Costa Rica Open, San Jose, 26th – 28th August, 2016. Barely seven (7) months ago, Abubakar Adamu Isah was ranked 380 in the world. His resilience, hardwork and determination culminated to his winning 3 (three) Internationals in a row (USA International Taekwondo Championships, Costa Rica Opens and the World Taekwondo President’s Cup) and by this result, he is now ranked 62nd in the -58kg by the World Taekwondo Federation.

In 2013, he first participated internationally at the World Youth Taekwondo Championships and World Youth Championships in Taipei. Thereafter in 2014, the Nigeria Taekwondo Federation sent him to Youth Camp in Korea for training. From there he has steadily climbed in the various National teams. That same year (2014) Adamu won a Gold medal at the Commonwealth Taekwondo Championships, Scotland.

As a result of the Nigeria Taekwondo Federation’s inability to participate at the just concluded Olympic Games, the Federation has since begun preparation for the 2020 Olympic Games. Last month the President of the Federation, GM George Ashiru sponsored and hosted the Invitational Taekwondo Championship (ITC) at the University of Lagos. This tournament saw all National Ranked (1 to 6) athletes in all weight categories compete for honours to put them in shape for the next year’s World Championship in June and having the 2020 Olympic Games view.


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