Iwobi speaks on his famous rainbow flick. 

Arsenal 20 year old forward Alex Iwobi has for the first speak on the rainbow flick skill he performed while on international duty with Nigeria, in the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers tie against Algeria.
The forward showed off his quick feet in the first half when he raised the ball over the head of an Algerian defender, bringing back memories of his uncle Austin Okocha who was famed for perfecting the skill.
After the game which Nigeria won 3-1, Iwobi spoke to Kwesesports and revealed the inspiration behind it, as well as his overall performance in the game.
“I definitely saw that Jay Jay flick,” Iwobi said. “But I learnt it myself from just playing around in my club and watching players like (Alexis) Sanchez and Neymar do that stuff.”
When it comes to things like that I never really think about it. If it happens, it happens. Didn’t know it would go viral, “My performance was okay. It was just average, and I think I can learn from that. But as a team it was a great performance and I’m happy we won.”

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