Super Falcons to be rewarded $16,500 each by the NFF

The Super Falcons of Nigeria will be rewarded handsomely by the Nigeria Football Federation after the ladies triumphed over the Lionesses of Cameroon in the final game of the Africa Women Cup of Nations for a  record eight-time.

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) have promised to pay each player  $16,500.

The Falcons defeated hosts Cameroon 1-0 on Saturday to retain their continental crown in front of a devastated sell-out crowd in Yaounde.

The break down of the money is as follow, ($6,000) for the 2 games won in the group stage, ($1,500) for the draw played against Ghana, ($4,000) for the semi-final victory against South Africa and  ($5,000) for the victory against Cameroon in the final .

It was gathered that a sponsor, who hosted the team on arrival in Lagos, gave each player a token of 50,000 Naira.

Top officials of the NFF have already addressed the team at their Agura Hotel in Abuja, promising that their entitlements will be worked on from today.

It was further understood that the NFF have applied for a bailout from government to enable them pay off the team.


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