Jose Mourinho expresses delight with victory over Westham

Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho has led his men to Six consecutive wins in the Premier league this season, the Portugese was full of praise to his players and also his officials. This was what he had to say;

“Congratulations to everyone on the pitch because I realise that it’s really hard. I was a bit disappointed with some mistakes, with some bad decisions, but that is typical of fatigue and there are no miracles. And for them with 10 men for a long period is even more difficult. With 11 it’s difficult, with 10 it’s more difficult. For us, it was a question of keeping a clean sheet which we did because David made a very important save from Antonio. And it was a question of moving the ball, try to find spaces and accelerating the game. So we did okay. It was not a phenomenal match but the circumstances are really difficult so again, congratulations to everyone.”

“I don’t make anything because I’m really far away and because I didn’t watch on television. But I have had to educate myself during the first half of this season because we’ve had so many controversial decisions. I’ve had to cope with frustrations. I had to cope with Zlatan’s goal being disallowed. I have to cope with a clear penalty against Crystal Palace in the last part of the game. I have to cope with many wrong decisions but honestly I think this [Christmas and New Year] period is also difficult for the referees. It’s fantastic for the people at home and fantastic for the people who come to the stadium. But for all of us it is hard. Even for me, and I don’t run, it is difficult.”

“We didn’t use our superiority [in the first half] because we were sometimes playing three [defenders] against zero. Jones, Carrick and Rojo were almost against zero, so West Ham had nine [outfield players] where we had seven. We needed to use the extra player and to use the extra player was to play Carrick at centre-back, to take one defender off and to play Mata in a position that would create them problems.”

“It was a difficult match but I had ammunition on the bench. I had Mata and Rashford, who were crucial in both matches when coming off the bench. In these fixtures it is very important to have people on the bench, capable of winning the game. I had a feeling to start Mata and Rashford today, but I think it is better for them to come from the bench when everyone is dying and the decision was proven right.”

“Nordtveit played for 90 minutes against Leicester City and today he played for 60 minutes against Mkhitaryan and Lingard, with lots of running. He was in front of me in the first half and it was a big effort for the boy. Slaven [Bilic] had no more defenders on the bench. He just had attacking players on the bench. So I thought Rashford could make a difference, not through the middle this time but coming from the side.”


“It was a crucial save. To be honest, we had a big chance in the first half but they had a good shot, Antonio went face to face with David. It was very important. They also had Carroll on the bench and I know that when they were losing, he was coming for sure. In this moment I felt it was time for a proper central defender and time to bring Smalling into the game.”


“What was the Liverpool result? [Interviewer: “2-2.”] I didn’t know it was 2-2. So we have gained two points on Liverpool. I was thinking about Chelsea and Tottenham [playing on Tuesday], because one of them will lose or both will get the draw. But also Liverpool, so we have gained points on the second-placed team and we play them at Old Trafford. If we play with 75,000 then we can win.”


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