Jurgen Kloop speaks about his team’s draw against Sunderland

Liverpool manager, Jurgen Kloop spoke about how he felt about his team giving up the lead twice at the Stadium of light.

On how the game unfolded…

For me, it’s completely difficult to assume [anything about] the game, because I have no experience – in situations like this, I have no idea what I could have expected from the performance side. I thought we started really well and then we lost concentration. That’s not usual for us. But, of course, it happened before. It could be because of the fixtures, I’m not sure. Sunderland came a little bit into the game. It was clear at home it was difficult against Sunderland. [They have] a good transition game, especially with Defoe and Borini. The goal, the penalty, was after a throw-in. Second half, we again dominated the game. Usually I would say we could have done better, but I don’t know exactly if we could have done better because I was not in the boots. We scored the second goal – felt good, felt deserved. Then, I would say no foul, but a free-kick [given]. I saw it again – no contact. Then handball, 2-2. That’s how it is. I must be honest, it doesn’t feel good. It’s not because of the point. It’s because of two penalties in the game. That was harsh and undeserving.

On the free-kick that led to the second goal…

If you see it again, there was no contact. I saw it in the game, but that was the decision. It was not the worst mistake in the world, I don’t want to say it is. That’s why it feels so hard. Usually I can be really clear in my information to my team, if they are responsible. [But] I have no idea. On the one side, I am proud of them for what they did, how they worked and how they fought. On the other side, I know we can play better football. But I have no idea if it would have been possible today. It’s really difficult. In a situation like this – and Sunderland were in the same situation – you always need a little bit of luck. If you don’t have luck, nobody should disturb it, equal decisions and whatever. I thought Clyney [in the] first half could have been a penalty. That’s how it always is, that’s how it feels with penalties – sometimes the referee sees it and sometimes not. That’s how it is. It’s a really difficult job. Twice is so hard. But I will accept it, no problem.

On having to settle for a point…

In this moment, it is really hard for me to accept, but I am professional so I have to. Obviously, [the title race] is not finally done. Maybe I look like not the best loser in the world, I have no problem with this – today two penalties feels not good. I usually like to talk about football, but it’s difficult today. I know what I can expect when I say [to the players] ‘that was not enough’ or ‘that was enough’ but today if I said ‘that was not enough’ I have no idea if they could have done more. That’s my lack of experience.

On Liverpool’s festive fixture list…

What can I say? I am really the wrong person [to ask]. I have absolutely no influence on the fixtures. It is like it is and somebody decided like this, so there is nothing to say about this. I have been in this business a pretty long time and the fixtures are the fixtures; somebody gives you the date and the time, and you play. That’s how it is.

Source: http://www.liverpoolfc.com


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