Super Eagles moves higher in the latest FIFA ranking

The Super Eagles moved up one step in the latest world rankings released by FIFA on Thursday.

With only 12 “A” matches played since the final ranking of 2016, there are few big changes in the January edition of the FIFA World Ranking.

The top 34 positions of the ranking table remain unchanged with Argentina, Brazil and Germany still holding first, second and third place respectively.

Despite the overall stability of the January table, two new teams have broken into the top 50. Saudi Arabia (48th, up 6) and Nigeria (50th, up 1) move up at the expense of Albania (51st, down 2) and Burkina Faso (53rd, down 3).

With the biggest move in terms of both points and rankings, Suriname (128th, up 22) were January’s best performers. Despite their recent improvement, the northern South American team are still some distance from their best-ever position (84th), recorded back in 2008.

The small southern African nation of Swaziland, meanwhile, reached its best-ever position in the FIFA World Ranking (99th, up 1).

The next FIFA World Ranking will be published ‪on 9 February 2017‬.

Leader Argentina (unchanged)
Moves into top 10 none
Moves out of top 10 none
Matches played in total 12 (3 of which took place in 2016)
Most matches played Trinidad and Tobago (4 matches)
Biggest move by points Suriname (plus 62 points)
Biggest move by ranks Suriname (up 22 ranks)
Biggest drop by points Trinidad and Tobago (minus 30 points)
Biggest drop by ranks Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Mauritania, Trinidad and Tobago (down 5 ranks each)
Newly ranked teams none
Teams that are no longer ranked none
Inactive teams, not ranked none


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