Mercedes fines Lewis Hamilton

Britain’s Lewis Hamilton has told his team that if they are going to match up against their direct rivals Ferrari this season then they must be a lot of improvement in their races this Formula One season.

Hamilton was came second behind Sebastian Vettel  for the second time this season said, “They are strong in race trim and we particularly struggle with the rear end. It’s difficult to explain.

“They did a great job and we have to make improvements.”

Hamilton added,”It is all small, fine percentages that will make the difference between winning and coming second.”

He also  apologised to his team for damaging his chances by earning a five-second penalty for deliberately slowing Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo as they pitted for fresh tyres under a safety car early in the race.

He concluded by saying, ” I am not sure whether the decision cost the victory, which i lost by 6.6 seconds.

“Possibly I would have been in a better position.

“but that’s all ifs and buts.”

Hamilton is seven points behind Vettel after winning in China and securing two second places behind the German.


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